1st Pillar: Student & Parent Workshops


Student Workshops: These interactive, educational, and skill-building workshops will develop youth to become leaders amongst their peers, family and community. They will discover so much about themselves!

Parent Workshops: These heartfelt, inspiring, and valuable workshops will leave parents wanting more. These informational workshops are for any adult, teacher, church leaders, and staff that want to better themselves and improve their work with youth.

2nd Pillar:Income Protection & Wealth Building


We believe that the home is the most influential environment for youth. Educating adults and parents on the simple yet powerful financial tools, can mean the difference between getting out of financial bondage and into financial freedom. This will bring about a more stress-free and positive family dynamic in the household and strengthen the home as a protective factor for youth. Parents will be educated on tools such as budgeting, savings, life insurance, wills, and investments accounts.

3rd Pillar: Youth Mentoring


Our mentoring services is a combination of life skill and anger management lessons coupled with business and leadership development. 

(6th-12th grade)

Mix of one-on-one and group sessions that provide individualize and custom learning as well as peer to peer social interaction and soft skills.